Connecting a Company

This is a help file for sales reps of a company called Rx Medical Solutions, and it may be helpful for other company sales reps as well.

  1. Signup at http://SwiftCloud.IO on the home page (free), using your primary email (will not be shown to clients, unless you want to. Sales leads will come to this email, so use a good one). Click the verification link sent to you.
  2. Fill some basic info in your profile. This system will help you manage sales leads. Hit Save at the bottom.
  3. Next, hover over the small cloud icon, and write down this number – you’ll need to send it to Rx Staff for part 2.
    Getting your SwiftCloud ID for Forms
  4. Next, navigate to Settings >> YourName >> Company Settings >> Add / Connect Company, like this:
    Connecting a Company
  5. In the box at the top, type in RX, and wait 1 second. Mouse to Rx Medical Solutions. Click the big green “this is the company I want to link to
  6. Click “Associated Contractor”, then click save. SwiftCloud is done, for now; more training will be sent to you on how to use it.
  7. Next, please send (NOTE: This help article is specific to Rx Medical; email this info to your website-owner if you want dynamic leads-handling on your web forms) the following info:
    1. Name, Phone (you want visible on the website), your SwiftCloud ID above (727 in the above example), a mini Bio (paragraph about you – help users trust you!), and whatever info you want on the contact page (your contact page is customized to you).
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