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This page is specific to WordPress connection with’s self scheduling system. It allows you to schedule appointments based on rules, won’t overlap existing appointments, and can be used for humans (i.e. dental appointment) or assets (i.e. a boardroom checkout system, boat rental, etc.)

Feb 2017 Update: This doc refers to features that are in private beta; contact us to be part of the beta program.

To embed SwiftCloud’s Calendar Self Scheduler tool into your website you have the following options.

WordPress Self Scheduler Embed Options

  • Corner Widget, details below.
  • Sidebar Widget, which can actually go into any widget-location (like a bookshelf) i.e. footer, sidebar, header, etc.; we have a few pre-done-for-you images that will link to your calender as a popup. Chat-based scheduling is coming soon, contact us to be on that beta program.
  • Shortcodes, to embed on any page – just drop in
    • [swiftcalendar calendar=”123″] into the page body – this is the default mode, and will embed a graphic linked to a popup. You can alternatively use…
    • [swiftcalendar_directembed calendar=”123″] — this will show the actual 1st panel of the scheduler and takes more space but is direct and to the point; you can also use….
    • [swiftcalendar_directembed calendar=”123″ product=”456″] — to link to a specific appointment-type, skipping the first step and going right to the 2nd step of the booking process.
  • as a “Call To Action” box appended to the bottom of blog posts, for example for consulting companies, website developers, etc. for whom a logical next step in sales is a consultation meeting / phone call / etc.
  • Php code for use in themes, i.e. to add to a header or footer

We also have optional Events Custom Post Type.

This is powerful for anyone who offers classes, live events, recurring webinars, etc. and it allows you to create a list of events.

These events will be default-sorted by soonest-occurring next, regardless of what order you create them in. You can also create recurring events and the system will auto-update the dates as needed.

What makes this system unique is events will automatically disappear from the upcoming events list, and optionally move to the past events list, which you may want to archive or add a recorded webinar to, or keep for SEO reasons.

WordPress Events Shortcodes:

  • [swiftcalendar_events_upcomingonly] /// future and present events only, for all categories.
  • [swiftcalendar_events_historyonly] /// past events only. To be precise, the end-time has passed, and at that moment it is removed from upcoming and displays in history.
  • [swiftcalendar_events_upcomingonly category=”2″]  // this would be to display events only in category 2, whatever that is for you – could be classes for example or live trade shows, etc.


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