Scheduling Assistant Tool

Using Your Scheduling Assistant is easy! Taking a few minutes to set this up one time will save you hundreds of hours over the long run, not to mention reduced frustration scheduling things, and greater show-up rates due to the automated reminders.

Let’s get started.

NOTE: There’s one critical setting that must be defined before any of your calendar will work – which is your SwiftCloud profile ID. Visit to ensure yours is set if not already done… keep in mind this is like a social media profile, and should be your name in some format.

1. Simple URL

Your Unique Email Link:{USERIDHERE}
Use this for…

2. WordPress Widget

To easily install into any wordpress-based website just go to Plugins >> Add New, search “SwiftCloud”, and click the installation button next to the scheduler plugin. Once activated, put in just a few basic options and you’re done.
This will allow you to add a floating widget locked to the browser in the bottom right, center, or left.
It will also allow you to easily add add your scheduler to any sidebar widget (which, despite the name, are also often found on page footers but could technically be anywhere on the page – most common is sidebars and footers).
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