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SwiftCloud contains an Applicant Tracking System (“ATS”) to help companies recruit, hire, and onboard both full time workers, freelance and part time workers, and marketing affiliates, both on-site or off-site.

SwiftCloud has numerous staffing industry clients, and we’re familiar with the needs of recruiting agencies.

For a full description, see below.


Drop these into any page or post….

    • [swiftstaff_jobs] – all jobs, in a nicely formatted list, most recent job post showing first.
    • [swiftstaff_jobs category=”category slug”] i.e. [swiftstaff_jobs category=”programming”], where “programming” is the URL for the category.
    • [swift_staff_list] – all staff, in a nicely formatted list, oldest-post showing first.

WordPress Staffing Plugin Features:

  • Automatically creates a careers / job openings Section (list of open positions, custom sidebar (optional), job application form), with advanced microformat support for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Automatically generate formatted job application forms with resume upload and/or portfolio option. All attachments are securely stored on SwiftCloud, and auto-associated back to the candidate applicant
  • Automatically add a jobs / careers section to the backend WordPress control panel to manage open positions for regular employer-companies or staffing / recruiting firms.

Specific Job Position Options & Features:

  • Specific to the Job Position:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Pay Rate (optional)
    • Pay Type (optional)
  • Optional but recommended if applicable (for SEO + categorization + cross-searchability)
    • Qualifications
      • Degree
      • License
    • Company (if recruiter / staffing firm mode) (optional; can be alias-handle like “Company 3”
    • Location (of employer)
    • time posted
    • recruiter (optional; generally used only by staffing industry)
    • industry
    • type (full time, part time)
    • location (of work: on-site, off site, travel required, etc.)
    • term (perm, temp, temp-to-perm, freelance)
  • The following data is based on global settings, and affects your SEO and job-board syndication:
    • Source (affects syndication to sites like Indeed.com, Monster.com etc.)
    • Company (if single-company mode not recruiter / staffing firm mode)


Shortcodes options:

Note: We’ll add a Shortcode Generator to your control panel, so you don’t need to remember this. Below is example data for reference and power users:

  • [swiftstaff_jobs]
  • [swiftstaff_jobs location=”3″] // if you wanted to, for example, show just jobs in chicago.


Drop these into any widget-location, typically sidebars and footers.

  • Search Jobs, including with filters by location, type, etc.
  • Latest Job Position Openings with any number of positions

Have questions? Leave a comment or contact us and we’ll update this page.

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