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DEC 2020: Timeclock alpha is released, and free through Summer 2021. After that, we will probably have a free level + paid level.

It’s very, very simple for now, but should do the trick. If you need a simple timeclock system for agency-style billing, we hope you find it useful. To get started, click the clock top left >> timeclock…

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Below is a summary of how to use it.

First, be sure you have the appropriate mode selected from your main settings page >> App Specific Settings >> Timeclock. The labels should be pretty self explanatory…

Timeclock Software Settings

First, to log time from the timeclock, it works sort of as you’d expect. There’s 2 basic ways to log time:

  1. Clock in and clock out. Best for longer projects.
  2. Quick-Add: best for things like a client calling you, quick interruptions, though there’s no limit on it – if you want to add 16 hours, you can, though it’s really designed for things like a 42 minute phone call, etc.

TIP: Small agencies often understimate how long things take, and thus undervalue themselves, and make less money than they deserve. Get in the habit of logging your time reliably and it’ll make you more money! If you decide later some task is not billable, you can easily adjust that during invoicing – it’s better to log all your time. Even if you have a single employer, time logging can help track time to projects.

Timeclock Software

TIP: As you log time to clients, the most recently used people will appear in the top middle section. This is a speed list; clicking a name will load them into the billing, that’s all – just a bit faster than typing frequently used clients. If you’re in Employee Attendance mode, you won’t see this, since you have a single employer.

To export a client’s records into a “Timesheet” (i.e. weekly, monthly billing, etc), you need to…

  1. Filter to a specific client, and
  2. Filter to a date range.

Once that’s done [This part is coming soon] you can export into a timesheet and invoice. For the moment, you can simply print-to-PDF a single client’s time-records, and use the invoice system to manually generate an associated bill for them.


As always, if you have questions, let us know and we’ll update this entry.

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