Wordpress affiliate tracking plugin

SwiftCloud will now pass along any & all URL variables…

…added to any incoming e-sign doc / form / invoice / landing page / asset in which we redirect the user after doing something.

Most common: e-Sign doc(s).

Why you care? You should – it’s powerful – here are a few uses:

  1. Sessions & User Identification: If you have some intake flow that’s not us, i.e. some scheduler (not ours), some custom intake form or setup form, etc. If you have already captured the user and pass along &name=John%20Doe&email=John@Doe.com then (1a) this will be pre-filled on the user’s e-sign doc, and (1b) when we redirect them back to your own website (a common configuration), we’ll append that to your return-URL, which may help for things like sessions, receipt tracking, thanking the user by name in the page, etc.
  2. It’s also very powerful for Google Analytics and marketing tracking, so that if getting a form filled out or a doc signed is for you a “Marketing Goal”, then you’ll be able to see (2a) all the tracking variables right inside the doc itself (very cool, very powerful), and (2b) we’ll pass these vars back to your website.
    1. TIP: We can embed _your_ google Tag ID on any asset. This gives you total insight into how many people reached your e-sign doc, landing page, project estimate, etc even if they didn’t sign it or pay etc – didn’t take action. Set this up in the branding section and it will apply globally to all your pages.
  3. It’s great for Sales Affiliate / Referrer / Sales Rep tracking. You can pass along a sales rep as a URL string i.e. “&repname=JohnDoe” and this will show up in any capture-data in the advanced-fields section (sort of buried at the bottom, but easy to see once you look for it).

And any mix of the above – you can do all of these.

If you need help with this, reach out to us, or send this page to your web developer.

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