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This is the first post of many, in which we’ll be a bit more public about most changes to the system. This series is probably only of interest to developers and programmers.

The upcoming version 2.4 of SwiftCloud includes “Project Bulletproof”, in which we are engineering high uptime, highly scalable e-signature capture systems suitable for future projects such as multi-party signature, sessions, real time live collaboration, but also essentials like “project neverdown” in which we design the system to support 10,000 signatures per hour spanning multiple servers with multiple charsets (languages, including arabic, chinese, etc).

Some of our other client projects include use by pharmacies and in part by the U.S. DEA to track methedone & “CII” drugs, or sales floors with 20+ people and downtime of even minutes can be a loss of serious revenue. We take this seriously.

Version 2.35 includes critical steps toward this and is already live. One of the most critical systems in this is that PDF generation has been separated from capture, which means if there’s a bug somewhere, we still have the core data captured, including the page version. If you, the owner, re-save your doc before the PDF is generated, the signature will need to be re-obtained, because we save the version that was signed. This is critical for us to ensure, in court if needed, that the signor intent was exactly as per capture and audit trail.

Additional misc updates:

  • We’ve also had hundreds of tiny user interface improvements.
  • Improvements to the contact notes (private to you and/or visible to both)
  • Improvements to doc & email templates
  • Improvements to the signup flow
  • Improvements for our Helpdesk Support systems which include changes to the WordPress Customer Support plugin, mostly just because we needed it internally.
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