W9 E-Signature

To setup your own W-9 Electronic Signature page, just clone the template we have already created.

Naturally, in your W-9 Electronic Signature page you’ll still need to set up….

  • Notification – who gets a copy of this? All the data & automation for you behind the scenes you want to happen is defined in the blue box
  • The user flow – what should happen after the user signs this? Send to payment? Confirm only? The pink box defines what the user will see, and also the email they’ll get.

Anything else is optional, such as privacy settings, discussion if someone has a question – those options are in the … More Options box.

As always, let us know any issues and we’ll update this support entry.

When user sign their W-9 Electronic Signature doc the following will happen – (as is common to all e-sign docs):

  1. Signer will get a copy via email with their signed W-9 attached
  2. You’ll get a copy automatically. They don’t need to forward it to you, though if you wanted to offer this as a service to all clients to use with anyone (say,  if you’re an accountant, consultant, CPA, etc) they could just forward their copy, and you could disable your notification.
  3. Both parties will have it saved to their common shared “Workroom” – a shared cloud folder that can contain any number of files & docs, more e-sign docs for HR, sales contracts, fulfillment docs, etc and can also contain notes (private or shared / common discussion / chat).

When do I need to use a W-9 Electronic Signature?

Use Form W-9 to provide your correct TIN (Tax ID Number as a business, OR SSN Social Security Number if you are working as an individual contractor) to the person who is required to file an information return with the IRS to report, for example,

  • income paid to you
  • real estate transactions
  • mortgage interest you paid
  • acquisition or abandonment of secured property
  • cancellation of debt
  • contributions you made to an IRA

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