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Below is the officially supported list of fields our formhandler supports.

This document is technical. If you don’t know how to hand-edit HTML forms, you may wish to send this page to a developer or discuss with our staff. Note our Website Forms Generator will take care of all this for you; below is for reference for advanced users creating forms manually.

All other fields must be prepended with “extra_” in the fieldname i.e. extra_comment1 or extra_anythinghere – so “extra_*” for you programmer types where * = anything (no spaces though).

  • formid // This is how we evaluate the rules i.e. whom to notify, spam blocking, autoresponders, etc. – REQUIRED
  • email   /// required – this is the only required field, technically, aside from a form ID – REQUIRED
  • extra_* // replace * with any *unique* field-name, no spaces allowed – i.e. extra_comments. // NOTE: This is your “catchall” field. When possible you should use the fields below (so they save properly into your address book, and also enable other functions), but for everything else, prepend extra_ in front of the fieldname. Note fields MUST be unique to the page/form i.e. so if you have some field like name on the page 3x, ideally, make the first one “name”, and the 2nd extra_name2 and 3rd would be extra_name3. Our Shortcode will generate these automatically for you.
  • name // note our system will split this for you automatically, so John Doe will get saved as vFirstname = John, vLastname= Doe based on a space.
  • phone  // also has unique properties related to phone lookup and SMS marketing. Note this saves to phone 1 for the user, and type is not assumed.
    • phone_mobile // this sets the type as mobile for the phone captured, typically used for SMS marketing.
  • zipCode // just like this – small z capital C – note this field has “magical powers” i.e. we’ll convert it to city, state, zip, country, lat, long and demographic data
  • vBirthdate_mm, vBirthdate_dd, vBirthdate_yyyy // birthdate used for birthday automation
    • event_timedate /// this can be hidden OR visible. Make it a hidden field if it’s a one-to-many (i.e. holiday party – many attendees, with a single date & time), make it visible if it’s something like a self-set time & date (like a dentist appointment)
    • eventId // this should be there too if you want event automation i.e. automated reminders
  • HIDDEN FIELDS – Used for tracking ad campaigns, users, etc.
    • trackingvars
    • referer
    • current_form_type // mainly used for popups etc.
    • language // useful for routing leads to CRM i.e. spanish vs. english
    • capturepage // generated via Javascript typically; the page on which the form was captured; useful for ad and offer tracking
    • sc_lead_referer // useful for ad tracking
    • sc_referer_qstring // useful for SEO tracking
    • iSubscriber // optional, helps reduce spam
    • vDealType // used only for the CRM
    • vTag // multiple allowed with comma and no space – tag1,tag2,tag3
  • ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE FIELDS // below are reserved for electronic signature.
    • signatureImageData
    • initialImageData
    • signaturePad
    • initialPad 

NOTE: The pink fields above are in beta; if you need to use them let us know so we can finalize testing with you.

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