If you’ve received email from us, it’s because either you opted in to one of our many systems, or someone you know and are working with in some capacity has added you.

That said, you’re the boss over how and when we contact you.

If you have concerns, pop over to http://SwiftCloud.AI/optout

SwiftCloud is a social system, and if you don’t recall subscribing or giving permission, it may have been triggered by another user, but we still need your consent.

Why SwiftCloud Exists:

The short version:

We make business easier and more fun.

The slightly longer version:

We let your passion shine through into your business, by making the boring and difficult tasks required in business easier, more fun, and as automated as possible. You started your business because you’re good at something, and some parts of it you probably enjoy. Do more of that, and less of those other tasks you got stuck with.


Our core applications include:

  • SwiftTasks – someone adding you as the client or stakeholder on a project, or as a worker
  • SwiftBooks – someone trying to collect money from you via the invoicing system
  • SwiftCRM – someone sending you a sales proposal
  • Swift Marketing – someone emailed you with your previous consent or because you requested a free report or free video most commonly.
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