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5 Minute Setup of Electronic Signature

NOTE: Any e-Sign that happens on a server in which you control the HTML can be dismissed, because you have the potential for CSS or Javascript obfuscation of signer intent, and/or change to signer intent. For that reason, the actual signature must happen on our server, in an environment with a “legally disinterested” 3rd party, and the final signed doc held by a legally disinterested third party (so you could not change the contents after it was signed).

NOTE: The actual e-Sign happens on our server (with your logo, colors), then we usually send then back to your server. If you’re using WordPress (common), you’ll link the site to our servers (with your logo, colors, etc) to get the signature (reason: We must be able to legally guarantee the contents – no CSS/JS hiding stuff, etc), then return them back to your server.

Our docs system works similar to WordPress in that it uses shortcodes – so you’ll be right at home.

Quick “WordPress Electronic Signature” Setup (WordPress-Style [shortcodes])

Note: We previously had a plugin, but due to the above legal concerns, had to change to our current system. WordPress users will feel right at home.

  1. Copy your doc you want signed
  2. Create a new doc in SwiftCloud
  3. Paste your doc
  4. Replace the ____ with shortcodes

That’s it. Well, mostly… here’s a video tour

Once you’re done, you should add your logo and colors. See Branding Your Account for help on that.

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