Wordpress e-signature Plugin

Installing SwiftCloud Forms into WordPress is very simple, but we have a variety of form-types and thus many ways to install your forms, depending on what you want to accomplish.

Click on any of the links below for more info:

  • Basic Contact Forms – Contact page, footer forms, etc.
  • e-Signature Documents
    • Signable WordPress Pages
    • PDFs
  • Marketing Popups:
    • Timed Overlay (fires typically 15 seconds after a new visitor has arrived, usually containing some free offer)
    • Scroll-Aware (fires when user has scrolled 70% of the way down the page and comes in from bottom right)
    • Exit Intent (fires when user mouses up to leave)
  • Helpdesk Forms with Auto-Suggest (tries to get the user to help themselves first from keyword-matched blog posts)
  • Customer Reviews / Feedback / Ratings, with smart-logic (if the user is happy, get referrals and social media sharing, if customer is unhappy, open a trouble ticket on helpdesk system)
  • Polling (useful to discover customer insights)
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