A common request is to see a list of people who signed a doc.

This system actually works with any of our systems – E-Signature, e-Commerce / Shop / Store, lead capture, event scheduler, etc – the same system applies.

How to Write a Row to a CSV Spreadsheet when an event happens:

  1. Ensure there is a blank spreadsheet created for the data to flow into. Name it something like “DOCNAME Signatures” where Doc Name is the doc that will get signed.
  2. Then on the doc being signed, in the blue box, select “Write CSV Row”
  3. Choose the CSV you just created
  4. Click Save on your doc, SKU, etc.
Moving forward, each time that specific doc is signed, you’ll have a row of info – the name, phone (if entered), email (if entered), address (if entered). Later we’ll add support for custom fields – this is designed to be a summary, not a complete record of every single field if you have complex docs.
In more detail:
1. Creat a spreadsheet on the main drive here….
Write e-Sign to CSV Spreadsheet
Next, on your e-Sign doc, click the blue box options…
Click the + symbol…
eSign notification options
Select “Write Data as a Row to Spreadsheet”
Write CSV Row to Spreadsheet
Click Save on your Doc, SKU (Item you sell), Scheduler, etc. and you’re done.
As people esign, buy, schedule appointments, etc – it’ll write a row, along with date and time.
NOTE: this will not replace any other blue-box options, you can add multiple things together i.e. still get an email if needed, post to remote APIs, etc.
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