SwiftCloud’s e-signature platform is perfect for a media production talent release form – we can include photo(s) of the talent right within the document itself.

Most commonly a talent release form like the below example is signed via a phone or tablet.

TIP: Send these talent release forms to your talent before they show up the first day, as internet is required without a lot of work caching offline files.

Here’s what the talent release form looks like as you sign… on the right the user can take a selfie with their phone, or can upload a photo from their camera roll. If you needed, you could even include multiple photos i.e. full body and close up, or in costume & makeup, or if a location release, a dozen photos if that’s what you need. We don’t mind.

Talent Release Form Template

After the user signed, we’ll email you (and anyone else you choose) a PDF, course.  We’ll also put all the files and information into a workroom for you, usually specific to each actor or location, but if needed, you could put them all into a single folder too.

Talent Release Signed

Naturally, it’s easy to customize to your company, add your logo, change the terms… whatever you need – as easy as editing an email.

Talent Release Form Backend

Try it out, or signup above and clone this into your account and you can be set up in minutes – or contact sales if you want a more comprehensive demo.


This Talent Release Form Template is available to use anytime in SwiftCloud’s e-signature and documents platform.

Variations Available:

  • Talent Release Form for Minors
  • Location Release Form

Questions you may have about this Talent Release Form

  • Is this free?
    • With your SwiftCloud account access, yes. It’s free (gratis) as well as free to modify (libre).
  • Can I add my logo? Change any and all text?
    • Yes, of course! It’s easy – when you use any template we create a clone for you and that clone will be 100% yours to modify as needed. You cannot change the original, but you won’t need to – you’ll have your own.
  • Has this been reviewed by an attorney? Will this guarantee I don’t get sued?
    • The above talent release form is provided as a convenience, and anyone concerned about legal protection should seek duly authorized and licensed counsel from a professional. Each form may or may not have been reviewed by an attorney, and these should be taken as a jumping off point for your own legal due diligence. All template users are required to agree that to terms stating this is not a substitute for your own legal counsel.
  • Why do I even need a Legal Release Form?
    • You may want to check out Wikipedia’s entry on Legal Release Forms for a starter. These are typically required by any media distributor.

Have some other question? Drop us a line and we’ll update this page.