Setup your W9 Electronic Signature in minutes using SwiftCloud’s pre-done template.

$1 trial for W9 Electronic Signature is here.

To setup your W-9 for Electronic Signature, simply…

  1. Get signed up or logged in if you haven’t
  2. From the wizard page click Templates (Center top…), or from the main cloud drive page click Templates (top far right)
  3. Navigate to Government Forms >> USA and then click the clone button by W9
  4. Decide what you want to happen after the user signs. Just show a confirmation? Redirect them back to your website, i.e. to a page that says “thanks, you’re all set”? Send to payment? Most commonly we send them back to your website (pink box >> redirect in video above) – set the pink box user flow as needed. Also in the pink box customize the email the signor will get.
  5. In the blue box, define who will get emailed a copy. We’ll also store these online for both you the owner and the signor(s) as well in a “Workroom”, a shared cloud folder you can store anything to, make notes, etc.
  6. Signors will also appear in your Contacts list FYI, so you can easily search for contacts anytime by name, email, phone

To learn more about our E-Signature platform just check out the product page, but frankly better for most is to dive in and try it out.

Setup your W9 Electronic Signature
in under 5 minutes with a $1 Trial

When do I need to use a W9?

Use Form W-9 to provide your correct TIN (Tax ID Number as a business, OR SSN Social Security Number if you are working as an individual contractor) to the person who is required to file an information return with the IRS to report, for example,

  • income paid to you
  • real estate transactions
  • mortgage interest you paid
  • acquisition or abandonment of secured property
  • cancellation of debt
  • contributions you made to an IRA

Further Reading & Resources:

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